Workshop - DJI Drones

Develop hands-on skills in this workshop! This workshop is suited for drone beginners and enthusiasts who would like to get more out of a new flying camera. Topics will include identifying your drone components and setting up your drone correctly, learning the basic CASA safety rules and regulations, creating a pre-flight checklist including mission planning, pre-flight and take-off procedures (a sample will be provided during the workshop). During the hands-on workshop you will be using the flight app controlling the drone (iPhone or Android) and learn how to choose the appropriate camera settings.

The main deliveries are listed here:

  • SAFETY FIRST! - A theoretical learning session will be conducted in-house before heading to a nearby oval or park for practical hands-on learning. This includes safety checks of the drone, firmware updates and job safety assessments.
  • KNOW THE RULES! - CASA regulations will be explained and where to find more information. Recommendation on what apps each pilot should be using and checking before each flight.
  • PRE-FLIGHT CHECKLIST! - A detailed flight checklist is paramount for a safe operation of a drone. The flight checklist will include Mission Planning, Pre-Flight Checks immediately before a flight, and the Take-Off steps. A sample of a pre-flight check list will be provided.
  • INTELIGENT FLIGHT MODES! - What are Intelligent flight modes and what are the limitations. This includes POI (Point of Interest), Active Tracking and Sports Mode.

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